Monday, November 14, 2011


Group Show of the Kasikasi Art Association of Tacloban

November 9 – December 10, 2011

Adamson University Art Gallery

The Kasikasi Art Association of Tacloban reprises its show last year, this time through small works done in a variety of art media that bear images, scenes and issues in their culture and community or broadly explore themes that inspire pure creative expression. “Hang-aw” in Waray means to peer from a window, the equivalent of the Tagalog “dungaw.” The exhibit is thus a way of giving the Manila audience a sampling of artworks coming from the province, in this case Leyte. Often overlooked in comparison to their Manila counterparts, province-based artists are nevertheless productive and committed to art and artmaking. They in fact offer something that can be described as more community-specific or local-inspired in contrast to urban artists who generally deal with themes that are more national or universal in scope, outlook and style.

But to make “hang-aw” is a two-way process. While you are the one being viewed, you also view in return, which makes it possible to learn or be influenced in one way or another by what you see.

The exhibiting artists thus hope to enrich their artmaking by selecting the most valuable of what they get from their foray into our country’s most urban environment, Metropolitan Manila.

The participating artists, all members of the KasiKasi Art Association of Tacloban, are:

Rico Palacio Dante Enage Archie Prisno

Crispin Asensi Raul Agner Bebot Flandez

Billy Pomida Ernie Ybañez Jasmine Diaz

The group regularly exhibits in Tacloban and is considered the most active art group in that part of the Visayas. Individually and as a group, the artists have also joined shows in Calbayog, Ormoc, Cebu, Boracay, Iloilo, Bohol, Malaysia, and Japan. -rda

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