Friday, January 18, 2008

"Pag-ahon" (Ascendancy), 2005

This is my 2005 drawing entitled "Pag-Ahon" (Ascendancy), a pen and ink drawing on paper using a pilot V-5 sign pen with Rotring ink on watercolor paper. The artwork is about choosing and going for the more important and substantial things in life as a key to our personal and national progress. If you remember the old coins that feature a Filipina holding a hammer beside an anvil as a symbol for industry, the image here is lifted from that. Here she is forging implements that have a practical use like long knives, plows, sickles, etc. At the same time, she is fashioning abstract geometric shapes that soar above to form a stylized star. This represents ideas, dreams, aspirations which are equally important. The figure she is stepping on is bubbleman, a symbol of futility and senselessness. The banig pattern is my personal motif taken from the colorful mats (banig) that Leyte and Samar, the region I come from, is known for.

"Pag-ahon" (Ascendancy), 24" x 18," Artist's Collection

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joel ferraris said...

Hi Raul,

Thanks for sharing your artworks, writings and thoughts.

This artwork of yours is reminiscent of a painting about the Archangel Michael overpowering the devil.

I share the same beliefs with you in "choosing and going for the more important and substantial things in life as a key to our personal and national progress."

I criticize those who want to topple governments yet cannot sustain the change derived after corrupt leaders were ousted. It is because of the fact that people power is sterile without empowering spiritually and morally each and every person.

Kindly visit my blog: and my other blogs linked to it and enjoy viewing my art pieces and that of my siblings and also my writings.

I have learned about you several years ago from a common friend Bobi Valenzuela because he spoke highly of you.

I was in Leyte too sometime in the early 90s and I have seen those mosaic art inside one old building. Currently I am a muralist here in Hong Kong. Please visit our website:

Regards and I hope to see more of your art and read more of your essays.

Joel Ferraris