Friday, March 6, 2009


Raul Agner

“Cool” evokes images of ice cream, halo-halo or iced beverage in summer. It also connotes hipness as in cool gadgets, bling and clothes. Most of all, it implies first-rate or excellent quality and in that sense, the word aptly describes time-tested learning institutions like Adamson University.
For those looking for a nice place to study, let Adamson University be the answer because it is, in many ways, cool.
No school can be more cool than one which has reasonably affordable tuition fee (and the latest news is that it is not increasing its tuition fee in School Year 2009-2010!). But don’t get us wrong because inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. On the contrary, one even gets more than his money’s worth because the quality of education one is able to avail of is way above average standards.
Its classrooms, laboratories, offices, conference rooms and theatre, being air-conditioned, are literally cool, made even more so by modern and high-tech equipment. Studying in Adamson becomes a no-sweat adventure into the world of ideas, knowledge and skills. The campus ambiance is just as student-friendly. With a mini park, with some areas lined with trees and greenery, with study centers spread across the campus, and with a quaint mix of old and modern buildings, the school landscape offers an overall aesthetically pleasant experience.
Its students have shown that they’ve got what it takes to excel. Landing among the top 20 passers of the licensure exams for Accountancy, Architecture, Chemistry, Law, Pharmacy, and Engineering courses have happened at one time or another. Topping the chemical engineering licensure exam - like Levi Miranda did in 2008 - is amazingly cool; same thing with those from other courses in years past.
Majority of the faculty are master’s degree holders, plus some with a Ph.D. Not to mention a good number who are industry practitioners too, thus carrying a strong theory-practice credential.
Alumni have made significant inroads in their fields and have made important contributions to society. Did you know, for instance, that the lead process engineer for the design of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline – Engr. Leo Gasendo – is an Adamsonian who graduated in 1950 with a B.S. Chemical Engineering degree? Are you aware that the first person to use the DNA technology in a forensics case that was admitted in U.S. courts – Dr. Teodorica Leano-Bugawan – is a 1974 graduate in Chemical Engineering? Do you know that Mrs. Lourdes Supetran, B.S. Chemistry 1970, is the name behind the giant ACS Corporation that manufactures Pride detergent and other popular household products? These are just three among a long list that keeps on growing.
And the school is both Catholic and Vincentian, which immediately calls to mind the important dimension of values-education, moral formation, and love for the less privileged - all meant to mold God-fearing and socially responsible graduates.
Wow, with this litany, doesn’t Adamson University rock?
Now that you’re clued-up about the school, make your move.
Enrol and have a blast!

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