Thursday, May 29, 2008

Angles: A Photo-Essay

At night, on the wall next to the ST gate, the names of the university and the congregation that runs it, and the year the school was founded glow with silvery luminosity. Stainless, each letter is backlit by neon tubes that follow its contour. Not quite diamond but very close to it, the color of the letters may remind us of the 75th anniversary of the school last 2007.
The whole assemblage is an interesting subject for amateur photography and so, one evening, I clicked my merry way, unmindful of the questioning look of some passers-by while relishing the ethereality of the moment.
Viewed up front, the whole text is easily readable. Shot up close from different angles, they hardly make any literal sense but present a different reality that borders on the abstract and purely conceptual, even surreal. Each shot can stand on its own and engender many associations and interpretations. It is amateur photography imitating art.
It is also photography imitating life. Life is a camera that allows people to view reality from the angle they choose, hence the multiple and differing points of view, opinions, beliefs, takes and spins anywhere you go, with tolerance and respect making their peaceful coexistence possible.
Huh! The letters brought us this far...


Solo said...

Nice photos sir. I especially like the second one. :D Looks like a futuristic landscape.

r. agner said...

it's all amateur photography. no big deal really. but thanks for liking it.